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El Azafrán de Albacete

Posted in: Saffron, Saffron Rices, Saffron Rice Alicante, Saffron Paella Valenciana, Saffron Paella, Saffron for Restaurants, Saffron Alicante Restaurants, Spices, Food Seasonings, Restaurant Condiments, Condiments Alicante Restaurants, Spices, Spices Delicatessen, Spices for Hotels, Spices used in Alicante Hotels, Spices for Restaurants, Spices Alicante Restaurants- Sep 02, 2010 Comments Off

The saffron offered by Frucove SL. is produced and distributed under the brand Saffron “Azafrán La Flor”, which is a spice that is used as a condiment for rice and paella dishes in Spain and mainly around its mediterranean coast., of Valencia and Murcia and is obtained from land named Albacete obtained out of the flower stigmas of Crocus sativus Linnaeus, which is also known as the Saffron Rose. The Saffron Flower Crocus sativus Linnaeus is a plant that is characterized by a purple flower which highlights its deep red color of the stigmas and yellow stamens.

Azafran de La Mancha | Spanish saffron from Albacete | Azafran La Flor: Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona

For centuries its highly appreciated stigmas of saffron have resulted in high esteem since the saffron flower is sterile and reproduction is caused by bulbs. The saffron threads are the three crocus stigmas that each flower has and are united by the style. The shape of the threads is another peculiarity of this flower, which together with its deep red color is degraded until the ocher in style, which is popularly known as “rabillo" (shank)”.

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